The Phreesia Story

Driven by a single idea, deep roots in the technology industry and a passion for innovation, Phreesia's founders developed a solution that empowers medical organizations to drive efficiency and profitability in the front office.

Started as the brainchild of Chaim Indig and Evan Roberts in a 400 square-foot apartment in 2005, Phreesia is now the nation’s leading patient intake management solution. The company is headquartered in New York with operational support across the United States and in Ontario, Canada.

Acknowledging the changing environment of the healthcare industry and the mounting requirements of a busy medical group, Chaim and Evan set out to simplify one of healthcare's most essential functions—the patient encounter. They saw an opportunity to accelerate the front office to improve operational efficiencies and maximize profitability. Leveraging their experience in the healthcare and software industries, they decided to revolutionize the traditional patient check-in process by eliminating the paper clipboard and automating patient intake. Chaim sketched the first touchscreen prototype on a napkin, and Phreesia was born. Chaim and Evan left the analytics firm where they were employed, moved from Boston to New York City and successfully transitioned from co-workers to co-founders.

Today, Phreesia has grown beyond patient check-in to digitize the entire front-office workflow—from data management and patient engagement to eligibility verification and payments. The nation’s most successful healthcare organizations use Phreesia to optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care.

In order to consistently develop and improve its solution, Phreesia has ongoing relationships with the country’s preeminent medical and educational institutions. Guided by the insight of its esteemed medical advisory board and the wealth of knowledge from its board of directors and prestigious medical and educational advisors, Phreesia enables providers to stay at the forefront of patient care and continues to attract energetic, top talent worldwide.

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