ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP

140 physicians | 40 sites in New York and New Jersey*
Phreesia user since March 2013

ENT and Allergy Associates (ENTA), one of the country’s largest and most state-of-the-art ENT practices, has rolled out Phreesia in 9 of its 40 practices, and has witnessed a significant and immediate impact. Each site has increased cash flow by an average of 40% per patient encounter—results that have convinced the organization to accelerate its rollout plan and complete the deployment of Phreesia to all locations by the close of 2013.


With almost 10,000 patients visiting its locations each day, ENTA’s main objectives in getting Phreesia were to collect past-due balances and copays from all patients at the point of service, to verify eligibility and benefits for all patients in real time and to improve front-desk efficiencies. ENTA has realized measurable gains in all of these areas, and also avoids redundant data entry with the streamlined Phreesia-NextGen® EPM integration. With such a large organization, the Phreesia rollout was a substantial undertaking, but ENTA staff felt at ease with the unwavering support of Phreesia’s skilled implementation team. ENTA's COO Nicole Monti states, “Phreesia’s team was truly invested in our success and was always available to us. We are very pleased with Phreesia, and I do believe our success was driven by the dedication, skills and organization of the implementation team.”

Front-office Improvements with Phreesia

Increased cash flow at the point of service
The nine sites that have implemented Phreesia have each observed a 40% average increase in collections per patient encounter, with three locations seeing an increase of over 50% per encounter. “By presenting all patients with their copay and balance amount as they check in on the PhreesiaPad, it’s harder for them to deny that they owe money, and harder for them to walk away without paying,” says Monti.

Real-time eligibility and benefits verification
With Phreesia, ENTA is able to verify E&B for all patients as they check in. Ineligible patients are identified immediately, and are asked either to provide their new insurance card or to pay in full on the day of the visit. Prior to Phreesia, the practice verified coverage only for denied claims, which resulted in delayed payments.

Accurate data collection
With Phreesia’s electronic data capture, ENTA has empowered patients to maintain the accuracy of their patient record. Established patients simply review their information in Phreesia and edit as they check in.

“We are delighted to have chosen Phreesia to be the key to a more efficient, effective and patient-satisfying check-in process at ENT and Allergy Associates.”
—Nicole Monti, COO
   ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP

40% Average Increase in Collections per Patient Encounter or call us at (888) 654-7473

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