Regardless of size, specialty or demographics, today’s healthcare systems face the same challenges: a growing task list for front-office staff, increasing patient responsibility and difficulty collecting at the point of service, longer wait times, mounting paperwork and redundant data entry, and rising personnel costs to accommodate the changing demands of insurance, patient responsibility and new healthcare models.
That’s where Phreesia comes in.

Phreesia’s patient intake management solution is uniquely suited to scale across large enterprise organizations. From hospital-based health systems, to community health centers, accountable care organizations and more, Phreesia is designed to maximize investment in your existing and future technology, while complementing your goals of delivering efficient and effective patient care.

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ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP

140 physicians | 40 sites in New York & New Jersey
40% increase in collections per patient encounter

Phreesia’s expert team—which independently configures 95% of the solution—made the initial implementation across the organization’s sites a smooth and efficient process. As a result, ENT and Allergy Associates (ENTA) opted to accelerate its rollout plan to complete the deployment of Phreesia to all of its sites. ENTA COO Nicole Monti states, “Phreesia’s team was truly invested in our success and was always available to us. We are very pleased with Phreesia, and I do believe our success was driven by the dedication, skills and organization of the implementation team."

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Maximize Front-office Efficiencies with
Digital Intake

Phreesia builds front-office efficiencies and consistency across all of your locations, ensuring that patient data is always complete and up to date. Shift staff to higher-value tasks while your patients use Phreesia’s self-service platform to complete a full demographic and clinical interview, sign consent forms, complete relevant clinical assessments and pay their copay and open balances—all from the privacy of their seat in your waiting room. Utilize Phreesia’s robust reporting features and communication tools to understand patient needs and build brand loyalty.

Manage Comprehensive Patient Data Across
Your Organization

As soon as the staff hands a patient a PhreesiaPad, Phreesia goes to work for you. Collect comprehensive patient information, which can be managed seamlessly across the interdependent parts of your enterprise, and ensure compliance with specific meaningful use objectives. Data transfer occurs seamlessly and securely through a single, centralized platform.

Increase Point-of-Service Collections

Phreesia verifies eligibility and benefits in real time, providing you with relevant deductible details and accurate copays. Patients are automatically asked to pay all copays and balances during check-in, and are given flexible payment options, helping you decrease overhead and back-end billing work. Simplify revenue-cycle management by tracking all payments and end-of-day payment reconciliation in the Phreesia Dashboard, and use our powerful analytic tools and Monthly Value Report to gain additional insight into your organization’s financial performance.


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