Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Phreesia Do?

How does Phreesia work?
  • Phreesia, the leader in healthcare patient intake management technology, increases cash flow, saves staff time and maximizes patient engagement.
  • Phreesia replaces the traditional clipboard by digitizing check-in paperwork with a wireless touchscreen PhreesiaPad. In the waiting room, patients use the PhreesiaPad to electronically complete check-in forms and sign consent forms (eg, HIPAA).
  • Phreesia ensures patient coverage with real-time insurance and deductible detail while patients check in, and calculates accurate patient copayment at each visit.
  • Phreesia automatically asks patients to pay at each visit, removing the burden from front-office staff, resulting in more copays and balances paid at the time of service.
What is a PhreesiaPad?
  • The PhreesiaPad is a portable wireless touchscreen tablet that replaces the outdated paper clipboard. Patients enter all information with their finger or with the attached stylus.
  • PhreesiaPads rest comfortably on each patient's lap.
  • Click here to view a short video on the patient experience.
What is the Phreesia Dashboard?
  • The Phreesia Dashboard is a secure online tool that helps staff manage patient flow in the waiting room, and access and manage patient data, all from the front-desk computer. With the Phreesia Dashboard, your staff can:
    • Accept and manage all patient payments, and store all receipts and payment records in one place
    • Track patient flow and progress during check-in
    • View detailed eligibility, benefits and deductible information
    • Easily access and review your Monthly Value Report online, which features your monthly revenue, payer mix, patient chief complaints and more
  • The Phreesia Dashboard is accessible from all of your sites, and user rights help determine what information is available to your staff.
Can all of my patients use Phreesia?
  • Yes, Phreesia accommodates both new and returning patients. Returning patients verify, rather than re-enter their information.
  • Phreesia is extremely easy to use, and is designed for people with little to no computer experience. The same patients who traditionally need help filling out paper forms may also need help with Phreesia.
Will Phreesia integrate with my PMS/EMR?
  • Phreesia has invested in a number of robust integrations with some of the leading providers in the market. Please visit the Integration page on our website to view a list of our current integration partners.

What Is Phreesia Payment Services?

How does Phreesia Payment Services work?
  • Patient balances are entered into Phreesia before check-in to ensure collection.
  • During the check-in process on the PhreesiaPad, Phreesia verifies the patient's insurance and calculates the correct copayment.
  • At the end of the check-in interview, the patient is automatically asked to pay his/her copayment and any outstanding balance.
  • The patient receipt will automatically print, or the patient can choose to have the receipt automatically emailed.
  • Payment results will be recorded in the Phreesia Dashboard, which can be viewed by practice staff.
Will Phreesia make me more money?
  • Nearly 25% of medical practice revenue today comes directly from patient payments, yet 30% of patients make no payment at the time of service. Phreesia has demonstrated increased payment collections by more than 10% in medical facilities, and is an effective solution to narrowing the payment gap.
  • Phreesia increases your cash flow by collecting payments from patients before they leave the office, and by offering patients flexible and convenient payment options, including online payments, payment plans and keeping cards on file.
  • By using Phreesia's Copay Calculator for every patient check-in, you will collect the correct copayments at every visit.
Can I still collect cash and/or check payments?
  • Yes, Phreesia allows patients to select their method of payment, and tracks all cash, check and credit card payments in the Phreesia Dashboard.
Can I use my existing bank account?
  • Yes, all of the money collected by Phreesia will be deposited into the checking account of your choice.
Can payments be deposited into multiple bank accounts (eg, for multiple physicians)?
  • Yes, all of the money collected by Phreesia will be deposited into the checking account(s) of your choice.
How long will it take for payments to be deposited?
  • Payments will be deposited within 48-72 hours.
What credit cards will I be able to accept?
  • Phreesia accepts all major credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Phreesia also accepts Flex Spending Account and Health Savings Account cards.
Do patients get a receipt?
  • Yes, the receipt is automatically printed at the front desk after a patient has electronically signed for his/her transaction on the PhreesiaPad. Patients can also opt to have a receipt emailed to them instead of a printed copy.
  • Receipts for cash or check payments can be printed directly from the Phreesia Dashboard.
  • All receipts are stored electronically in the Dashboard for easy retrieval.
Is Phreesia PCI-compliant?
  • Phreesia takes privacy and security very seriously. We have built our solution to meet and exceed the strict security requirements of the healthcare and financial services industries in order to ensure that all of our users are protected. A combination of federal guidelines and corporate policies ensures that all patient-related health and financial information is protected by the most stringent administrative, technical and physical safeguards.
  • Read more about Phreesia’s patient privacy policy below.
How can I reconcile payments?
  • Phreesia makes it easy to reconcile payments at the end of each day. The Daily Reconciliation Report enables complete batch-out and reconciliation of daily transactions. The report is made up of a collections summary, organized by user, location and collection method, as well as a more detailed report of the day’s transactions.
  • Practice managers can export all financial data from the Phreesia system, in various file formats.
  • Staff can review your practice’s Monthly Value Report, which features your monthly revenue and payer mix.
Which payers are included with eligibility and benefits verification?
How much does point-of-care eligibility and benefits verification cost?
  • E&B verification is included in the cost of Phreesia.

How Does Phreesia Fit into Your Clinical Workflow?

Is patient privacy protected?
  • Yes. Phreesia is committed to the rules outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We have implemented a secure platform in order to preserve the privacy and security of individually identifiable patient information that is gathered and transmitted via the Phreesia system.
  • As a business associate of your organization, we are required to safeguard any personal health information (PHI) that passes through Phreesia. We work closely with your facility to set up and maintain a HIPAA-compliant Phreesia experience.
  • Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each facility to ensure that it is compliant with HIPAA regulations.
  • View our patient privacy page for more information.
Will Phreesia change clinician workflow?
  • No, Phreesia does not modify existing clinician workflow.
  • Clinicians may experience improvements in workflow, since Phreesia provides them with:
    • Detailed clinical information on each patient before the exam
    • Automatically scored results from clinical assessments and screenings
What specialties does Phreesia support?
  • Phreesia is constantly expanding its list of covered specialties.
  • Click here to view our current list of specialties.
How do I view patient information?
  • After a patient finishes the check-in interview on the PhreesiaPad, the Patient Report is automatically generated and can be easily be printed or accessed in the Phreesia Dashboard.
  • The Patient Report summarizes the patient interview in a standard medical history format that is 100% legible and user-friendly.
What is the educational content on the PhreesiaPad?
  • On the PhreesiaPad, patients have the opportunity to view customized health education prior to being seen by their clinician. The educational content is provided by some of the most prominent companies in the healthcare industry, as well as several leading medical and educational institutions.
How do patients view the educational content?
  • Patients see sponsored content only AFTER they complete check-in, and ONLY if they opt in.
  • If you do not like a sponsor's health content, we will remove it within 24 hours.

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