What is Phreesia?
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Phreesia leverages self-service to transform patient intake, enabling healthcare organizations to more effectively deploy their staff and dramatically improve the patient experience.

Getting Started

Our experts conduct an in-depth workflow analysis to understand your existing
processes and to establish key metrics for success.


    We make setup easy for you! Our expert implementation team handles 95% of the configuration, and customizes the solution to your unique workflow needs.


    We're dedicated to maximizing Phreesia's impact in your organization, and we have best-in-class training programs and tools to optimize your intake process.


    Phreesia is built to work with your existing and future technology so that discrete data can be transferred seamlessly and securely between systems.


    Phreesia provides ongoing support, upgrades and applications that will help you maintain best practices across your facility.


Patients are handed a PhreesiaPad when they arrive and complete the electronic check-in interview from the waiting room. Phreesia collects a full patient history, signatures for consent forms and insurance information, administers relevant clinical assessments and ensures compliance with specific meaningful use criteria.

Patient Experience
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Manage Your Waiting Room

Behind the front desk, your staff uses the Phreesia Dashboard—a secure, online tool—as a window into your waiting room. You’ll be able to manage patient information and payments, track patient check-in progress and view real-time eligibility and deductible information. You’ll also find valuable financial reporting, business analytic tools, patient communication tools and much more!

Front-office Experience

Patient Pays

As patients check in, Phreesia accurately calculates their copay, and automatically asks all patients to pay their copay and outstanding balance due. Patients pay privately and securely on the PhreesiaPad, or sign up for an automated monthly payment plan.

Integration with Phreesia

Phreesia partners with leading PM and EMR systems to save you time and eliminate redundant data entry. Our state-of-the-art integrations offer a seamless flow of information, enabling you to maintain legible, up-to-date patient data that’s always at your fingertips.


Use Phreesia’s suite of powerful analytic tools to take control of your organization’s financial health. Our easy-to-use reports enable you to analyze day-to-day collections in real time, monitor collections history and identify best practices and trends across each location.

Communication Tools

Phreesia offers a number of ways to stay connected with your patients beyond the waiting room. Maximize patient engagement, simplify practice communications and increase patient retention.

  • Practice Announcements

    Stay in contact with your patients via email to keep them up to date on important news, promotions and more.
  • Post-visit Reminder Email

    Send a customized follow-up message to your patients after their visit.
  • Surveys

    Your patients’ opinions are important. Administer surveys directly to your patients online.

Ongoing Support

We succeed when our customers succeed. In addition to 24/7 customer support and ongoing training, our team of dedicated product engineers is constantly rolling out new applications and upgrades that will help you maximize efficiency and profitability.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT (888) 534-6099

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