Pain Management Suite

Customized specifically for the needs of pain management practitioners, Phreesia’s Pain Management Suite expedites the patient encounter, helping you improve clinical outcomes and documentation, increase cash flow and save staff time.

Join the hundreds of pain management practitioners around the country who use Phreesia’s pain management-specific, evidence-based templates to streamline their workflow and enhance quality of care.

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“We see a lot of arthritis patients and patients who are going in for, or recovering from, hand surgery. Phreesia has really improved the process for those patients who have trouble holding pens, and it has greatly improved our data quality.”
—Practice Manager
   Oklahoma Pain Center

Streamlined Workflow, Enhanced Quality of Care

Advance quality of care initiatives
Utilize our customized pain management templates to improve documentation and accessibility of patient data. Ask patients about relevant past medical history, including cancer, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and migraine. Phreesia’s complete review of systems gives you the confidence to code at the correct level. Patient responses are captured and communicated in a comprehensive patient report that can be printed or electronically attached to the patient’s EMR.

Achieve compliance with meaningful use objectives
When used in conjunction with a certified meaningful use system, Phreesia helps pain management practitioners efficiently meet specific goals of meaningful use. By collecting comprehensive patient information at every visit, Phreesia maintains an active medication allergy list, records smoking status for patients 13 years or older, records demographics (gender, race, ethnicity, date of birth and preferred language) and maintains an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses.

Maximize cash flow and save staff time
Eliminate write-offs every month by electronically collecting and verifying patients’ insurance information in real time during check-in. Phreesia automatically calculates the correct copayment for each patient, and patients can pay their copay and open balances directly on the PhreesiaPad. Phreesia also enables practices to offer flexible payment options for patients with larger balances.

Improve clinical workflow and reduce paperwork
Collect electronic consent for procedures during check-in, and store electronic patient signatures on all practice policies, including HIPAA, Medicare, financial and clinical agreements.

Schedule a Demo or call us at (888) 654-7473

Interview Components & Clinical Assessments

  • Past Medical History
  • Medications
  • Family History
  • Social History (Alcohol, Smoking, Substance Abuse)
  • Review of Systems
  • Meaningful Use
  • Customized Chief Complaints
  • Pain Intensity Scale
  • Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire
  • PHQ-9
    Allowable: $9 - $23

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