Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic

23 physicians | 1 location in Mobile, Alabama
Phreesia user since January 2012

Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic is a nationally recognized leader in orthopedic care. Seeing 3,600 patients per week, AOC is a highly sophisticated organization with a full-time billing staff and a professionally managed workflow. Like any center of excellence, AOC was looking for ways to improve its collections, and turned to Phreesia to help it collect copays and balances at the point of service.

The group also utilizes Phreesia’s state-of-the-art interface with Greenway PrimeSUITE to streamline its intake workflow and reduce manual data entry. Says Amber Chavis, AOC Medical Administrative Supervisor, “With the Phreesia-Greenway workflow, we are able to catch changes of insurance and demographics sooner. Also, we receive a medical history update with each visit. The integrated solution enables our nurses to spend less time with each patient during the triage portion of the visit.”

Front-office Improvements with Phreesia

When AOC started checking in all patients with the PhreesiaPad, it saw an immediate impact on its bottom line: a 29% jump in total collections, 60% of which came from balances alone.

AOC is now collecting 28% more copays since Phreesia calculates the most up-to-date copay amounts in real time.

With Phreesia, staff spends 75% less time transferring patient data into Greenway, and receives comprehensive and accurate data for all patients.

“After careful consideration of many technologies, we invested in Phreesia, and the return to our practice has been immediate and quantifiable. Phreesia has far exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend it without hesitation to practices of all sizes.”
—Dean Brown, CEO
   Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic

29% Increase in Collections or call us at (888) 654-7473

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