Dermatology Management, LLC

53 clinicians | 28 sites in Arizona, California, Nevada and West Virginia

About the Practice

Dermatology Management, LLC (DM), the largest dermatology enterprise in the United States, was looking for a way to increase its point-of-service cash flow and improve patient data collection. With 3,500 patients coming through its doors every week, the group sought a comprehensive check-in solution that was easy to implement and would demonstrate immediate and tangible results. With Phreesia and its streamlined integration with NextGen EPM, DM has been able to increase cash flow and improve workflow efficiencies, and is now on track to increase its revenue by over $207,000 per year!


DM collected just 58% of copays, on average, due to the front desk receiving inconsistent copay and insurance information from patients.

The practice’s Nevada locations lost almost $60,000 each month because front-desk staff was uncomfortable asking patients to pay outstanding balances.

With such a heavy patient flow, DM faced a time-consuming manual data-entry process, which often left it with incomplete or illegible patient data.


The practice collects almost $7,000 more per month in copays by using Phreesia to verify patients’ insurance in real time during check-in.

DM collects 20% more balances when patients check in on the PhreesiaPad! Phreesia always asks patients to pay, and by importing balances through NextGen, patients always know what they owe and are given an easy way to pay.

The practice saves 111 hours per month in time spent processing credit card transactions, since all patients are asked to pay when checking in on the PhreesiaPad.

DM now collects more accurate patient data and has reduced the number of denied insurance claims by using Phreesia to effortlessly import and export patient demographics and insurance information into NextGen.

“With Phreesia, we have been very impressed with the level of convenience and accuracy of information we are collecting in order to provide quality of care for our patients, especially with the NextGen interface. Physicians love the format of the demographics and clinical reports, as they are in a typed, easy-to-read format.”
—Anka Davis, Project Manager
   Dermatology Management

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