J and J Healthcare Clinic, Inc.

2 physicians | 1 location in Duncanville, Texas
Phreesia user since September 2011

Seeing upwards of 285 patients each week, J and J Healthcare Clinic was overwhelmed by mounting paperwork and inaccurate patient data that needed to be manually transferred into its EHR, Amazing Charts. While the practice initially turned to Phreesia to digitize its paperwork and eliminate the manual data transfer, it has also been able to maximize efficiencies in the areas of insurance verification and payment processing at the point of service.

“Phreesia is now a great part of our business,” says Kristina Alvarado, J and J practice administrator. “It has eliminated 40% of our tasks in the front office! We no longer have to scan in new patient paperwork or manually verify insurance coverage. Patients are able to easily update their contact information and review all of our forms while checking in on the PhreesiaPad. We love working with Phreesia!”

Front-office Improvements with Phreesia

The practice uses Phreesia to electronically transfer data directly into Amazing Charts, saving staff 48 hours per month.

Front-office staff spend 70% less time verifying insurance, since Phreesia electronically verifies insurance in real time during check-in.

Practice staff save 28 hours per month manually processing payments, and they no longer have to track account balances—with Phreesia, they can enter balances and electronically prompt patients to pay at check-in.

J and J patients love using Phreesia! Check-in time has decreased 50%, and patients wait 30 minutes less, on average, for their appointment.

Balances collected during check-in
Pre-Phreesia $20/mo
With Phreesia $200/mo
Statements sent to patients
Pre-Phreesia 30/mo
With Phreesia 20/mo
Patient wait time
Pre-Phreesia 45-60min.
With Phreesia 20-30min.
Patient check-in time
Pre-Phreesia 15–20min.
With Phreesia 7min.
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