Pediatric Associates PSC

19 physicians | 3 sites in Crestview Hills, Kentucky
Phreesia user since August 2012

A three-location pediatric practice that sees 1,000 patients per week, Pediatric Associates implemented Phreesia to increase efficiency in the areas of intake and billing, and to gather complete and accurate patient information. The group was drawn to Phreesia’s comprehensive, point-of-service solution, and was especially intrigued by its state-of-the-art integration with GE Centricity. Pediatric Associates now has a bidirectional interface between the two systems that allows for the automatic transfer of patient data, helping the staff streamline intake procedures and eliminate manual data entry.

Front-office Improvements with Phreesia

Shift staff attention to customer service and higher-value tasks
Says Practice Administrator Kateri Haskett, “Our focus has been on customer service and how to improve it. It is important that our receptionists have time to engage patients, and that has been much more possible with Phreesia.” Specifically, boosts in efficiency leave more time for staff to take incoming calls, to be more thorough with intake procedures and to answer patients’ billing and insurance questions.

Automated payment collection before every visit
Because Phreesia automatically presents all patients with their copay and any open balance while they check in on the PhreesiaPad, “it takes the potential conflict of asking for payment out of the equation. This allows the interaction with the receptionist to be more positive,” notes Haskett. With Phreesia, the group collects over $34,000 more per month in past-due balances.

Accurate patient data with no transcription errors
Phreesia digitally prompts all patients to fill in any missing demographic, financial or clinical information, and the Phreesia-Centricity interface offers a seamless flow of information. Says Haskett, “Now that we have a bidirectional integration between Phreesia and Centricity, all patient and guarantor information flows directly from Phreesia to our PM, saving us time and ensuring accuracy. Patient information is more accurate and complete, and it is also entered in real time.”

Real-time eligibility and benefits verification for all patients
Phreesia’s electronic insurance verification ensures that staff check patient coverage for all visits. With Phreesia, the group verifies coverage for 100% of patients, compared to just 35% before implementing the solution.

$34,000 Increase in Balances Collected at the Point of Service or call us at (888) 654-7473

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