SouthCoast Medical Group

66 physicians | 18 sites in Savannah, Georgia

SouthCoast Medical Group (SCMG) is a large, multi-specialty enterprise based in southeast Georgia that sees about 2,000 patients per week across all sites. Although SCMG was using Allscripts Professional EHR and PM to improve its workflow, the group was looking for a way to further streamline its insurance verification process and increase upfront collection of copays and balances.

In November 2012, SCMG implemented Phreesia and immediately saw a return on its investment. With Phreesia’s Allscripts integration, the group is able to obtain up-to-date patient information and has seen a significant increase in point-of-service collections.

Front-office Improvements with Phreesia

A huge hurdle for the organization was verifying patients’ insurance information and minimizing the number of denied insurance claims. Phreesia’s automated eligibility and benefits verification has made manual insurance verification a thing of the past. With Phreesia’s insurance notifications, staff are immediately able to see which patients are eligible, as well as identify any information that needs to be updated.

With Phreesia, SCMG has seen a 17% increase in collections, since patients are automatically prompted to pay their copays and balances at check-in. Patients are also able to easily enroll in automated payment plans on the PhreesiaPad, saving staff time.

With Phreesia’s automated check-in process, front-office staff no longer wastes time manually running credit card payments or updating payments in their PM, since payments are automatically posted to Allscripts. Moreover, staff can now avoid awkward payment conversations with patients.

“Not only has the product allowed us to see immediate return on investment with increased collections per visit and an increased number of payment plans, but our practice has received immediate and professional support from the Phreesia team from day one. Their team has helped to ensure that all of our individual practice needs are met, which is important when implementing a new system that impacts the workflow of the entire organization.”
—Angela Young, Director of Operations
   SouthCoast Medical Group

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